community: perspectives: I Am Not a Feminist, But I’ve Got a Match and Kerosene and Patriarchy’s Splinters Smell Dry Tonight

An amazing post on claiming the title of feminist (or anything else, really) by Progressive Paradox’s very own Brandon!


Kuntsrule asked Brandon from Progressive Paradox to write a guest piece. Really thought provoking stuff about why the difference between identity and action is important. We thank you, Brandon, for your words.

Read on, friends:

I want to think in terms, not of what I think I “am,” but of what I do. Three reasons:

First, treating feminism as an identity turns it into a good, into capital. Once the title “feminist” becomes something that I can lose or affirm, then I become a mercenary. By that I mean: whoever fights in a war they don’t “have” to fight in—white anti-racists, for example—still looks for recompense: gratitude, affirmation that they’re “one of the good ones,” affirmation that they are a feminist, even deferential treatment. (Think of the casually heterosexist Nice Guy™ who bemoans how “all women” go after “assholes” and “douchebags,” because, after all, assholes and douchebags aren’t…

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