Calling Out Your Community: Real Life Athena Response to “Ratchet Molly Party”

Real Life Athena

Link to “Ratchet Molly Party”.Out of respect to the women in the video who do not want those images to be shown again, we are posting the song and not the video.  Warning: Highly Offensive Language 


Trigger Warning 

A few days ago a video was released titled “Ratchet Molly Party.” I can speak for the women of Real Life Athena to state that this video/song’s misogyny coming out of OUR community hurt more than we could have ever imagined. This song and video was an attack on us as women, especially those women from Minneapolis who know the men involved in the video and consider ourselves a part of this community. The group “DAVIDBLAYNE” put out the video they claim to be “satirical.” The stars of this video are Dylan Leavitt-Phibbs and Malcolm Jamison and the director is Kale Eickhof. The song is filled with derogatory, misogynstic…

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