Stop pretending Obama’s extremism is a concession to the GOP

The Red Fury

“Budgets are moral documents,” Martin Luther King once said. As part of the fiscal cliff deal, budget talks were pushed back to March. The other shoe dropped on Wednesday as President Obama released his proposed 2014 budget. What stories does it tell?

For one, it shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama is actually negotiating with Democrats – and he’s really good at it. Last week, the administration leaked news of unprecedented cuts to Medicare and Social Security. For the first time since Obama’s election, prominent Democrats haven’t been shy about their outrage. As MoveOn executive director Anna Galland put it, “Millions of MoveOn members did not work night and day to put President Obama into office so that he could propose policies that would hurt some of our most vulnerable people.” It’s funny she should say that, because as I and others have been pointing out for some time…

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